Dear NLRBE Diary: Introduction

Published March 28, 2014
My Family and I - August 2013So I decided to experiment with a journal-style blog post series.


Our family wants an NLRBE. But, we often struggle with the question, “How can we most effectively help the world transition to an NLRBE, while still sustainably living within the monetary market system?”

Perhaps you and/or your family are struggling with this same question?

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I believe the answer to this question can be different for every individual and family, since relevant circumstances vary.

Nevertheless, it helps me to read stories of specific examples of others trying to do the same things that I’m trying to do. And this is true even when my efforts will inevitably need to be a bit different, due to varying circumstances.

Another reason for this series is to enable me to post items of potential interest more often. I am very busy. But I already keep a daily journal. And I often journal on the topic of how my family, in particular, might help the world transition to an NLRBE, while sufficiently thriving in our current economy.

So, since I’m already writing on this topic, why not sometimes share edited parts of these journal entries? That way I can make the most of my time, while simultaneously helping others who enjoy examples as much as I do.

It will be an experiment, though. So it may not be something I keep up with. And, in any event, I still envision also publishing NLRBE-related posts that are more general in nature.

So, if the idea of reading about my family’s efforts to help actualize an NLRBE, while still making it in our current economy sounds interesting to you, stay tuned!

By Tiffany Clark, an activist attorney, public speaker, and author, working to help us transition to a more sustainable and equitable world. Tiffany lives and works in Sacramento, CA, with her husband, two sons, cat and dog. You can find out more about Tiffany, her activities, and her offerings, and read more of her writing, at

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