“Moment-in-Time” Blog Posts?

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So, I’ve been struggling with how to blog.

On the one hand, I’ve told myself I need article-like posts. That is, I’ve told myself that my posts need to be ones readers would consider thorough, complete, conclusive, and deeply researched. What I might call “mini-books.”

The trouble is, mini-books take time to write. And, as a part-time lawyer, with many things on my plate, this time is difficult to come by.

So, if I insist on only publishing article or book-like posts, I’ll rarely post, bottom line.

And what’s the problem with rarely posting?

Well, there are several I see.

One is, less posting means less connection with others, less dialogue about the big ideas related to my practice. And more connection is something I’ve really been longing for.

What I have found is that deep connection requires frequent, transparent, less conclusive, more open-to-input, more back-and-forth communications. It requires more question-focused than conclusion-focused discussion. It requires presentation of ideas that’s almost journal-like in its openness and self-questioning approach.

In other words, I see connecting communication as that which says, “Hmmmm . . . this is what I’ve been mulling over lately. Here’s where my thinking is at the moment. But, I don’t know for sure. What do you think?”

I see connecting communication as that which doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.

For will any of us ever have all the answers? And if we never communicated with anyone until we did, would we ever communicate at all?

Not likely, I fear.

So, well, I believe I’ve utterly convinced myself to give a go at more “moment-in-time” blogging. Not to say I’ll never go back, or never publish a mini-book like post. But, I’m going to give this new idea a try.

Thanks for reading. Assuming this plan isn’t itself just a “moment-in-time” aberration, I expect I’ll be posting again relatively soon! :)

By Tiffany Clark, an attorney working and living in Sacramento, CA, with her beloved husband, two sons, cat and dog. You can find out more about Tiffany at www.tiffanyclarklaw.com.

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